Back Porch Makeover Details

As promised, I'm back with more detailed shots of the porch for you. Yeah, I'm good like that. Following through and what have you.

The first notable change from the "after" shots I posted a couple weeks ago are the terra-cotta planters and potted greenery. Remember my 'porch spinning' post where I decided to go in a more European direction instead of the original tropical idea - yup, followed through on that one, too. Good like that.

Loving the groupings of 3 on each end of the porch - thank you, Brian Patrick Flynn for the inspiration.
Planters are from Home Depot, surprisingly. The hollies (which we have been told are more forgiving than boxwood in this climate) are from our beloved Growers Retail Outlet in Pineville. 

We divided the porch into two sections. The first being dining, which holds the, obvious, dining table and chairs. Table, chairs, and cushions are all from our old patio in Chicago. We have grand ambitions to get something a bit more permeant and less patio-esque here, but that probably won't happen until next season. After all, we are nothing if not budget conscious around here.

The white painted dresser was a bargain at less than $20 ages ago. It's had several lives in our homes over the years from TV stand, to bedside dresser, to now porch server. For the moment, it holds my growing collection of ferns and some ambient light - because what's night time dining without a little candlelight! The framed art is my sneaky solution to a hideous out-dated intercom system. Hung it right on top of the box. I'm so clever :)

As if you couldn't guess, the other side of the porch is dedicated to our seating area. 

Again, we've just used the furniture that we had in our screened-in porch in Chicago. The loveseat is hopelessly small, but the chairs work just fine. We'd love to replace it all for something a bit more "all-weather" friendly, but again, that will probably be in the season(s) to come. 
The poufs were a purchase I made from HomeGoods before we even started this project - I was initially on the fence about them, but they've proven their worth time and time again. So glad the woman behind me in line threatened to purchase them if I didn't…
Black and white stripped pillows are from Ikea, purchased through Amazon Prime - thank you, free shipping! The rug is a polypropylene wonder from Overstock. Amazing that outdoor rugs can look so indoor-y now. 

The hanging pots - were do I even start? Love them, first off. Slim pickings in the plant world this time of year, but I could see a more privacy achieving boston fern here next year. Speaking of next year, we'd also love to add rail planters here to further along that privacy screening I mentioned earlier. 
Thanks again to Flynnside Out Productions for the inspiration here. 
White garden stool came from Home Depot at a steal, another lucky late in the season find. 

Did I mention my love affair with ferns? I think this is the 3rd or 4th variety that I have on the deck. It's becoming a bit of a problem really. This one's just so soft, dainty, and airy. Just can't help myself...

As you can tell, we've got more plans for our new backyard hangout and I'm sure it will be changing often over the coming months… so, if you need me, I'll probably be right here. Brainstorming and daydreaming. By far, my favorite spot on the deck…at least for this week. 

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