Pompom Shams

Tell me the truth, who spent their weekend making pompoms? You know I did. Not surprising, huh. 
Even more not surprising, I added them to our little lady's bedding. You knew that one was coming, didn't you? I hate to be so predictable, but when an idea is good, it's just good. Predictable or not.

My only struggle was deciding where to put them. At first I thought - shams and duvet. You know, make a little set (I had a plain white Ikea set that we had previously used in the guest room). Then I worried about the washability of the duvet once the pompoms were added. A duvet is always on the bed, subject to a lot more use/abuse. Once your kid has had the stomach flu, you never look at bedding the same way again! Shams, on the other hand, are really only on the bed when it's made, less likely to suffer middle of the night issues. Shams it is! 

First I added one pompom to each corner of the shams, but it felt a little lack luster, if you know what I mean. So, I added an extra pompom to each side (making 3 per side)…still a little wah-wah. Then, upon my mom's suggestion, I added 3 more across the top and bottom. Bingo. Now we're talking.  

So cute. If I do say so myself. 
In case you are curious these are all hand stitched to the white shams, plain old needle and thread. Doesn't get much simpler than that. 
If you missed the DIY pompom tutorial, you can check it out here
Hope you had a great weekend!

until next time, 
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Pompom How To

During our search for new bedding in our little lady's bedroom, I was continually drawn to the pompom. Yup. That cute, little, fluffy, pouf of color and texture just kept drawing me in. Time and time again. From duvets, to quilts, to shams, to blankets and even sheets - the pompom made an appearance just about everywhere - and I loved them all. 

Cue the DIY pompom.
So easy to make, they might be popping up all over our house. 
Or yours. 

Let me come right out and tell you that you can purchase a "pompom maker" for under $10, which would probably produce perfect pompoms, but this method is super easy, although not quite perfect, and it saves you a tenner. That's a good thing. 
Let's get right to it.

Step 1: 
Wrap your chosen yarn (the thicker the yarn, the fluffier your pompom) around your hand, like so, approximately 60 times to achieve a full, fluffy pompom. After the 60th-ish wrap, cut the yarn to the length of your pompom. Try to keep the width of your wrap as even as possible to ensure a symmetrical pompom.

Step 2:
Carefully remove the wrapped yarn from your hand. Meanwhile cut a separate length of yarn to act as the center band. Place the hand wrapped yarn on top of the center band.

Step 3: 
Gather the hand wrapped yarn together with the center band - knot the center band as tightly as possible. A double knot wouldn't be a bad idea. Trim any excess of the center band.

Step 4:
With a sharp pair of scissors, cut the yarn loops in the center to create two seperate lengths of yarn.

Step 5:
Fluff. Step back and admire your work. 
At this point, you can choose to trim the individual pieces to create a more perfect, symmetrical pompom. 
Or you can just let it be an imperfect, free form.
Perfect or imperfect - both have their advantages and not surprisingly, I love them all. 

If you need me this weekend, I'll be making pompoms. And adding them just about everywhere. 

until next time, 
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An eBay find for the Little Lady Room

How many of you picked the yellow, pink and blue Dena Home Sunbeam quilt as your favorite? Or more importantly, how many of you guessed that the Sunbeam quilt is the one we chose? Was it the pink sheets that tipped you off?

Back in the day, some 3 years ago, while decorating our first big girl room I searched for yellow bedding endlessly, but came up empty handed. This time around, I saw the Dena Home Sunbeam quilt and my chin practically hit the floor, the search was finally over. There really wasn't much of a choice to make… until I clicked over from Pinterest to check pricing. Um, I didn't realize my jaw could unhinge itself, it might have dropped lower than the floor.

Yes, I am a bargain shopper. No denying that. Maybe $175 for kids bedding is totally normal. Come to think of it, I probably spent a similar amount for the two twin beds in our 6 year olds room, but for a not-quite-3 year old, I just don't know.

So, I did what I do best -- shopped around.
I remembered seeing the Dena Home brand at HomeGoods, naturally my first stop for home oriented bargains. Guess what? They had two TWIN size quilts in the Sunbeam pattern. Would it be wrong to say that I actually contemplated switching to twins over our existing full size bed frame? Eventually, I came to my senses, left the twins at HomeGoods and moved on to Marshalls, TJ Maxx and a second HomeGoods -- to no avail. At this point, I seriously contemplated purchasing the two twins, sewing them together, and calling it a day. Sadly, they were tagged at $59.99 each, factor in whatever the seamstress would charge, and my bargain really wasn't that much of a bargain. Now was it?

Back home, feeling frustrated and like it was time to start over, I checked online as a final ditch effort. As luck would have it, a lovely seller listed a new-in-the-bag, full size Dena Home Sunbeam quilt on ebay. And that same lovely seller, worked with me to achieve a price we both felt comfortable with, $100 all in. No tax, no shipping. Maybe not the biggest bargain out there, but I feel good about it. And I'm loving the fun, bright and vibrant look in our little lady's room. 
I still have some ideas circulating to take the bed to the next level, but you'll just have to wait to find out about those. 

until next time, 
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