Transformation: Adding Sophistication

Last week we talked about transformations, big and small. The chair re-upholstery project was a big one, obviously, that made a big impact. This week I'm sharing another transformation, but this time, it's a small project. 

Check out this dresser that arrived with the shipment from my parent's old house. It used to be my brother's dresser growing up. To me, it screams little kid - not exactly the look I am going for in the guest room. But, nothing beats free y'all. So I picked up some new hardware at HomeGoods for a whopping $9.99/four pieces and set about transforming the dresser. 

Take a peak at the clear glass knobs I selected. I think they give the dresser a much more sophisticated look. Kinda French-y, no?

It's like a whole new dresser. Ok, maybe not an entirely new dresser, but definitely a more updated look that says "French inspired, relaxing, stay for awhile, but not too long, guest room".  

So far we've show how accessories, fabric and now hardware can transform an outdated item. What will we think of next? Or more like, what will we transform next...

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An Imperfect Guest Room

So, remember when we snagged the bed from our guest room to give to our soon to be 3 year old? Yeah, it kind of left a big fat hole in the guest room.  A hole the size of a full size bed. 
Only a small problem, as we had guests the other weekend and no where for them to sleep.

guest room before

Needing at least a mattress, in a pinch, we found Tuft & Needle online and decided to give them a try. Reasonable prices, free shipping, quick turn around time and literally only two options to choose from - making a selection was easy peasy. We didn't know what to expect as the FedEx truck pulled up, but it certainly wasn't a vacuum sealed, rolled, pancake thin mattress. We definitely had our doubts. But, after we removed the shrink wrap, the mattress began to almost inflate, until it reached its full 10" thickness. And would you believe it, it's like a proper mattress, made of foam, and totally comfortable. 
If you ever find yourself in the need of a new mattress, definitely check these guys out, here

Of course, when we found out our guests were coming, I was quick to order a bed frame, but sadly, it didn't arrive in time. They slept on the Tuft&Needle mattress on the floor. Not my finest moment, but ultimately we'd rather have them visit with an imperfect house instead of waiting for a perfect house. When is a home ever perfect anyway?

In the end we decided on this platform upholstered, curved headboard bed. Our guest room is a small room. That's just a fact. The previous owner used it as an office. We've had a lot of debates as to whether a queen size bed would actually fit. But, ultimately, we decided our guests would appreciate a bigger bed over more space in their room. Because the room is so small, we went with a platform bed - it gives the look of a complete bed frame without taking up all the space. 

So far we are loving it! The bed seems to be very high quality, the fabric and upholstery are lovely and the nailhead trim adds a special finishing touch. 
Now, just to sort out the rest of the room. Our next set of guests are due to arrive in just two weeks. Tick tock. 

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Favorite Fall Throws

After a startlingly warm Saturday, our temps have dropped a little and are expected to be fairly mild for the week ahead. You know what that means, time to get out my all-time favorite cooler weather accessory, the beloved throw blanket. I mean, seriously, is there a much better than a warm and snuggly throw? I think not. 
Here are a couple of my current fall favorites:

Cream cable knit throw. All about texture, this throw could be used in almost any space - it's subtle and cozy and snuggly. Pure autumnal bliss. 

ps. new iron and marble plant stand - thank you mom and dad!

Faux fur throw. I wasn't sold at first, but after picking this one up for a steal at TJ Maxx last year, I quickly fell in love. Curled up in front of the fire with coffee/wine, you really can't get much better. Try it. You'll be hooked. 

pps. please note the massive armoire against the back wall, guess where it came from? You'll never guess…

Cashmere throw. Need I say more? Also a favorite of my kids who used it as a picnic blanket this summer. To be clear, I did not enjoy their use of my cashmere blanket as a picnic blanket. Nor did I love it when they spilled apple juice all over it. Just saying.

Patterned/colorful throw. 
A great way to interject a little current style and/or pop of color to your space. I love the herringbone pattern of the throw paired with the floral pattern in the chair. Kinda wanna keep this one out year round. May have happened…

You won't be surprised to learn that I shop for all my favorite fall throws at luxurious spots such as: Target, HomeGoods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Stop by and see what favorite fall throws you can find. Then curl up and enjoy. Fire and wine optional. 

Hope you had a great weekend. 

until next time, 
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