Den Before and After

Over the weekend I took some current pictures of our den for a before and after piece that will appear in a local marketing mailer and I thought I would share them here, too.

When we first saw this house we immediately loved the wood burning fireplace, but knew the surround needed a little help. 

Den- Before

Never underestimate the power of paint and well thought out space planning. 

We decided to buck the trend and apply a dark, rich color to the walls in an already small and dark space. I love the cozy effect it created. I say why try to be something you aren't…if it's already a cozy space, embrace it and play it up. 

You may also have noted that we finally got rid of that outdated fan. We gave it a whole summer and never once used the fan - time to go! This fixture came from our dining room. You know what that means, someone got an update … more details on that later.

The den has been one of the biggest "works in progress" in the house - chairs that needed recovering, new lighting, rug issues, new furnishingslayout changes. You name it, this room seems to have seen it all. It's been a process, but I love to watch the evolution of design unfold and this room has been a great example of that.


Here's another shot of the den "before". We had a similar set up when we first moved in - I think we assumed this was the best layout because the previous owner had it that way. After about a year, we decided to change the location of the sofa and the room has felt so much better since. You never know until you try...

Despite all the changes, it's a cozy room that we've loved hanging out in through it all - and I'm thrilled to say that it's finally reached it's end goal. Notice I didn't say anything about it being done.

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Loving This Week

Crazy busy, no school and lots of illness. That's about what sums up the last couple of weeks around here. Here's a little peak at what I'm loving lately. 

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the juxtaposition of seasons. The stores are shouting Spring with tulips popping up everywhere.

Meanwhile it looks like this outside (or way worse in other areas).
Ah, Spring. Where are you? Time to catch up with the retailers :)

This sweet install for a clients' guest room and kind words from another happy client...
"Your service was wonderful! You were professional, courteous, and very quick to respond. I was very pleased with the service." e-client, Gastonia

And finally, I can't seem to get away from images of pet showers in mud rooms as of late. They are showing up everywhere. And I have to say, I love it. Genius idea. Back in the day when we had a dog, bathing her was the absolute worst. She hated it and so did we - but even worse, cleaning the bathroom and tub post dog bath. Yuk. Love the hand held shower in the mud room. Officially putting this on my wish list for future puppy maintenance.
Have a great weekend!

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Architectural Inspiration: The Courtyard

Have you ever had one of those ideas that just kinda happens and you have no idea how or why, but as soon as the thought hits your head and/or leaves your mouth, you become obsessed. Well, that's what happened to me the other day when I was brainstorming ideas to add more European charm to our slightly French inspired home here in Charlotte. 

Right around the time we started discussing wing walls, I was walking through the dining room and it came to me…what if we swapped out the floor-to-ceiling windows for doors that exited onto a courtyard, which would be nestled behind the new, future wing wall. 
Doesn't that sounds so charming? Or as a landscape designer I recently chatted with said…sexy.

Naturally, I turned to Pinterest and Houzz to see what I could find in terms of inspiration and there was a lot to look at…
Like these white painted French doors, that lead out to a brick floored, ivy covered walled courtyard garden.

Or this little number complete with a bistro table for intimate dining.

While seating is a must, I think I prefer this lounge style seating over the bistro table. An intimate courtyard just off the dining area screams after dinner drinks…not another meal. Yes, lounge seating it is. And while I'm at it, let's make sure to throw in that ivy covered wall.

Looking back through the images I've compiled on my Pinterest board, I'm noticing a reoccurring theme: the water feature. Clearly, it's a sign and we must incorporate water into our future courtyard oasis. I mean, what is an oasis without water? 

I told you I've become obsessed. Finding ways to incorporate more charm and interest into the exterior of our home is starting to take over my life. Not really. But kind of. 

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