Big Girl Room: Bedside Lighting

By now, you have probably seen my first lighting project for the Big Girl Room...and how well it turned out! Unfortunately, it's not the only light in the room so I've had to move on.

I'm searching for a table lamp for between the beds. This is an important piece as it will be seen just as much as the beds, bedding, etc.

Some of the lamps I considered for this space are below.

Too adult?

The candlestick - too predictable?

cute - could be filled with something, like shells?

Owl lamp - fun, but wrong color.

Can you guess which direction I went?

That's right - the owl lamp.

After a simple coat of white spray paint we are in business. I love this lamp and I love the sense of fun it brings to the room.

Also, notice the new headboards purchased from Target. I am still trying to think of something I can do to help them become more 'special', but for now, they are just fine.

Still on the to-do list: bed skirts, accessories for the dresser including yet another lamp, and a cork board. Stay tuned...

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