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London Nostalgia: Belsize Park

I'm back! Did you miss me?

I'm happy to report that I just enjoyed my first away trip from my daughter - a whole week away in fact, and it was glorious!

We headed to North Carolina and stayed in Asheville for a couple of days and then moved on to the Smoky Mountains. I'm hoping to share photos and inspiration from our trip for a welcoming home next week. Speaking of inspiration, I am officially ready for Fall. Let the decorating festivities begin.

Anywho, back to reality. Just a little sad, especially as my other half has jetted off to London for work. Jealous much?!? I haven't been back since we left a little over a year ago.

In honor of his trip, I plan to spend the week reminiscing over our time in London (while I catch up on housework, get back into our schedule and organize all those NC photos) and explain how each of our homes in London have influenced my current design style.

So, here goes - our first year, in Belsize Park.

Check out our cute (and by cute, I mean, super small) flat.

The street view

The reception: living, dining and office space (special cameo by Mr. Designing Domesticity).

Our teeny, tiny kitchen

Our beautiful back garden

We spent a lot of time walking Hampstead Heath when we lived here. Truly a lovely park - they definitely do Green Space well

And, finally, my second home away from home: work, Regents Park Road in Primrose Hill

The concept that I most took away from that first year in Belsize Park is, simplicity.We walked everywhere; we were lucky enough to live across from a fresh market, a couple of good restaurants, wine shop, etc. I even walked to work. We lived in a small space and made do with what we had room for.

Of course, it has taken me a couple of years looking back to realize how good we had it, but nonetheless, good times, and a great introduction to the city!

Today, I try to surround myself with things I really need and love - not a whole house full of meaningless stuff; I try to keep it simple.
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