Prep, Prep and More Good Prep

Today is just one of those days when you are running around working on 3 or 4 projects at once - somehow managing to get very little done!

But it's all in the name of party prep, so I'll carry on.

Take a look at a couple of things I have managed to actually complete today.

Dining room buffet

Arrangement of pussy willow branches and a Japanese quince branch, anchored with limes.

Check out the quince branch - isn't it incredible? I found it at my local grocery - they've had them for about a week now and it really was love at first sight. I was so happy they were still there during today's trip to the market.

Another quick project

This large leaf platter has been with me for awhile and I was starting to tire of the green color.

So I hit it with a little Rub 'n Buff in Antique Gold (my new Best Friend - seriously, this stuff is good!)

I love the subtle new look and how the green still peeks through.
This whole project took 10 minutes, which included drying time.
So easy.

Foyer catch all

And finally...

I even managed to finish up a batch of Hilda's special. These are the best: make in advance, freeze them off, and broil from frozen only what you need. Genius. Perfect cocktail party app.

Until next time,

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