Working with What You have - Outside, Part 2

You may remember my post a couple weeks back revealing the transformation of our secret lilac garden by adding only 3 new plants and filling in space with a variety of hostas from our yard...

Well, we've done it again.
This time on a slightly bigger scale!

Check out this previously barren gangway next to the screened-in porch.
Now it is alive with two varieties of hostas, rocks and ferns. 
Such an improvement!

This is the area to the left of the new grill mini-patio.

More hostas, rocks, myrtle ground cover, lily of the valley, ferns and pachysandra ground cover.

For this large space, I did purchase 3 lady's mantel, 1 lenten rose, and 3 astilbe plants - all from Home Depot. These plants were chosen for their shade loving hardiness and to coordinate with the existing plants. A small investment of around $50 for such a large space.

We even managed to incorporate our existing bird bath as well as re purpose a cement bird that previously lived in a Spring arrangement indoors.

I love the play of dappling light in our newly rejuvenated shade garden. 

What an improvement over last year when this space included just 5 plants.

Special thanks to my parents who helped us to design this new space and helped to move a lot of the plants. You just gotta love free manual labor!

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