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Brown, Brown, Brown...No More!

In my ongoing quest to lighten and brighten the living room, I noticed that this side of the room contains quite a bit of brown. 

Eventually, I'd love to replace these chairs or at least re-upholster the floral chair, but that's not going to happen anytime soon, so it's time to get creative.

I re-upholstered this ottoman a couple of years back and it's been living in our basement family room since we moved into this house. 

The plan was to re-upholster again and replace the leather ottoman in our living room.

Huh, would you look at that...once I removed the red ticking stripe, I was surprised to find this fabric in perfect condition underneath. Forgot that was under there!

I had planned to use this burlap fabric, but the color is so similar to the existing fabric, that it almost seems silly.
I know, more brown, but so much lighter - right??

In the end, I kept the fabric and finished off the ottoman with upholstery webbing that I hot glued in place. 

Much lighter and brighter. Plus, I really like how it ties in with the sisal rug.

One more change to let you in on...I removed the brown floral slipcover on the overstuffed chair.
What do you think? 

Again, I'm not totally in love with this fabric (which is probably why I slipcovered it 7 years ago!) but it does help to lighten the overall scheme. 

I'll keep it for now - that's the beauty of a slip cover, I can always put it back on!

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