Just Another Tree - I don't think so!

If you saw my post last week regarding all the planned updates for the nursery, you probably aren't surprised to see this post today. 

That's right, we finished off the new tree mural in the nursery over the weekend. 
I told you these projects would be happening very quickly! 

Although tree murals are kind of a dime a dozen in nursery's these days, I still love the look, so I invited my very talented friend over to sketch one for our nursery.

If you look closely at this photo, you can see the chalk outline - thanks so much Sara, I really couldn't of done this without you!

Once the image has been sketched on the wall, it's really just a matter of coloring in the lines - now that's something that I can handle. 

Doesn't this leaf-less tree seem perfect for this time of year? 
Kind of spooky Halloween-ish. 

But it didn't last long because as soon as the trunk was dry I came back in to add the leaves. 

I had initially planned on doing two different tones for the leaves, but one of the colors really didn't have enough contrast, so they were all done in this lime green color.

I decided to come back and highlight the leaves with the lighter color at the edges and veining through the center. The contrast isn't amazing, but I am sure my newborn will appreciate it! 
Wouldn't you agree?

For further texture and dimension I added tissue paper flowers.

These were made simply by adding layers of tissue paper in various colors, scrunching them together and hot gluing it all in place. I attached the flowers to the wall using velcro. My thought was that if they ever became damaged or super dusty, I could just remove them and start over. 

It's hard to tell, but I do have various sizes going on as well. Again, a small detail that I am sure our daughter will notice!

The last touch was the addition of this cute painted birdhouse.

Ok, clearly, I had a spot on my camera lens while photographing the tree. 
Ugh - so annoying. Sorry about that!

This mural probably took a day total start to finish, and the results are so much better than the decal. 
I'm really happy with it! 

If you need more info on how to make the tissue paper flowers, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to include a tutorial in an upcoming post.

More projects are coming up quickly, so stay tuned!

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