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The other day, while wondering around Michael's hoping for some playroom art inspiration, this idea came to me. Nothing revolutionary, but a fun project all the same.

It started with a pile of letters, that I sprayed with primer.
{Thankfully we had a couple of mild days last week so I could spray outside.}

Then I requested the help of one very excited little girl.
{By far the easiest part!}

This little activity managed to occupy a whole morning.
{Could be the best part!}
Check out that concentration.

A couple of coats later, we ended up with these. 
{I accidentally picked up finger paint, so not exactly the look I was going for, but it works.}

Liquid nails makes quick work of adhering the letters to left over MDF, that I painted white, from the Chalkboard project.

I probably should of paid attention to what colors we were painting each letter, but I didn't. 
{Once a three year old starts painting, you just go with it!}

She's so proud of her words; loves to "read" them every time we go to the playroom. And I love the memories associated with this little project.

One more little project coming your way and then it's time for the tour. Hope you'll stick around.

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