Bittersweet is the word that comes to mind as I start to type this post. A mixture of pleasure and pain - that's definitely how I feel - as I tell you that we've sold our house.

Yup, you heard me right. 
The house that brought Designing Domesticity to life and helped to create my design business; 
The house that both my girls took their first steps in;
The house that we've refurbished room by room;
The house that I coveted so dearly during our 5 years abroad
I still can't quite believe it.

It's no secret that the real estate market is hot, hot, hot right now. So we decided to test the waters - and then jumped right into the deep end before we really even knew what happened. 
When our realtors (Team Mangel from @Properties) told us it would go fast, I didn't really believe them. But, they are good (no, great!) at what they do and I should have listened. 

One day of showings resulted in an offer that we just could not refuse. So, now we are moving on, with an overwhelming sense of bittersweet-ness in our hearts.
I can't wait to share more about our selling experience, what's in store next and our buying experience with stay tuned. 

until next time, 
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