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Saying Goodbye to Chicago: Chicago Botanic Gardens

Our time is quickly slipping away here in Chicago, so we are trying to squeeze in all our favorite hot spots - destinations, restaurants - you name it.
One of our all time favorite activities is to spend the day at the Chicago Botanic Gardens in Glencoe.

There's so much to do and take in on a day trip to the gardens: wonderful walking paths, garden inspiration galore, great organic food on offer in the grille, farmers markets, as well as camps (which as a side note, are super hard to get into. We finally got a space this year only to have to let it go due to the impending move.). 

Like any repeat destination, we have our usual routines and routes that we like to follow. Always, always, always a trip through the Fruit and Vegetable gardens. Obviously, we went early in the season so lettuce was in full swing. Isn't it beautiful. Wish I could have this as my very own. 

On this trip, we also toured the Japanese Gardens, Mr. DD's favorite area. So beautiful and peaceful with bridges, islands, buildings and so much more to explore. 

One of my favorite areas are the walled gardens. Probably because they remind me so much of our little garden in Wimbledon - so quaint, private and just all around lovely. 

It was a chilly, overcast, damp day, but the girls still enjoyed our outing as much as we did. We'll definitely be missing this little piece of paradise in Chicago. 

Over the last couple of weeks we've also spent time in Grant ParkLincoln Park Zoo and the Lincoln Park Coservatory. Join me on Instagram (designingdomesticity, #DDmoves2NC) to follow along on our farewell tour. 

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