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Our Temporary Home

Living in a corporate, furnished apartment is hard for anyone, including me, especially when you love to set up a home. 
I'll admit, that when I first laid eyes on this place, it wasn't exactly love at first sight. 

move-in day

A large, matching set of dark brown furniture: couch, chair, dining table and chairs, end table, coffee table and media console. All brown. A collection of bad art and faux plants didn't really say home to me. But, of course, it's only temporary.

Fortunately, having lived in an apartment like this before, I had the forethought to pack a couple of items to make the apartment more homey. Amazing what a throw, a couple of books and a nicely sceneted candle can accomplish. Not to mention the toys. Lots of toys.

Of course, I didn't come completely prepared. A couple other, fun necessary, additions helped to add a bit of texture, interest and function. Just ask our neighbors, who are very appreciated of the rug, especially when Eloise gets up at 6am to play with all her wooden toys! 

Two more months and counting...

basket: homegoods
pillow: homegoods
rug: overstock
plate rack: target

Hope you had a great weekend. I'll be back with an update on ours later in the week.

until next time, 
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