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The State of the Deck {stage 1}

Today, I'm sharing the beginning of our back porch makeover. As I mentioned earlier, we made a couple mid-contruction changes that   set the whole project back a little, plus we've had some supply issues, but we're making progress and are really excited by what we are seeing.
Watching the porch being dismantled was like a dream come true…a dream we've been dreaming since we first laid eyes on it almost a year ago!

Here she was in the beginning - in all her moldy, ripped awning and stair-less glory.




Getting rid of the awning and the railing really opened up the sense of space, and added so much more natural light into our den. 
Yeah for that!
Our original plan was to add stairs and then build the pergola…but, then our carpenter suggested expanding the deck and once the idea was in our head, we just couldn't shake it. 

{change #1}
Soooooo, we added another 5 feet to make the whole deck 15' x 25'.

 {change #2}
We had originally planned to keep the existing boards, but then our contractor suggested flipping the boards to utilize the covered side. Seemed like a good idea until the labor to remove the boards stretched over 3 days and the boards weren't looking that great. So, we gave up on that idea and decided to invest in all new boards. Obviously, it was an added expense but now the whole deck will have matching new wood. 

Next up: the stairs, the pergola itself, paint and stain, accessories (like lights and fans), and styling. Who's excited?!?!?

until next time, 
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