Play Space Re-imagined

Creating a cozier living space within the bonus room is just one of the changes this hardworking, multi-coved room has undergone. The play section has also been updated and reorganized. 

In case you've forgotten where we started, the largest alcove formerly held our home office.

office space - before

And the plethora of toys were spread wall to wall, hidden in a smaller alcove, basically a mess.

By swapping spaces and placing the desk in the smaller of the two alcoves, we've allocated more room for toy storage and a designated play area. 

Dress-up, music, play kitchen - it's all happening in this space! Surprisingly, this consolidated space seems to be working better for the girls...
I'm sure you don't really want to see a close-up of our toys, you probably have enough of your own.

Princess palooza. 
Our girls are in a serious doll/princess stage. Little houses, castles and dolls everywhere! The multi-leveled play space helps provide separate areas where they can "play" together, separately. If you know what I mean.

It's a small change and certainly not anything earth shattering, but they seem to be loving it and, most importantly, actually using it. Sounds like a win to me. Next up, the office space. But, the room is far from done…there's wall hangings to consider and the media space needs some tweaking as well. Stay tuned!

Have a great long weekend, everyone.

PS. for anyone doing the stay-at-home Valentine's thing, you may want to try this pot de creme recipe. I made them last weekend for our early celebration. They were SO good and so easy (I already had everything in my pantry). Beware though, it makes a ton. We're still working our way through them. Enjoy!

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