Pole Lamp Transformation: The Shade

Once I started working on this project, I realized that it was going to warrant a bit more than two posts. Today, I will cover the shade. Tomorrow, the lamp base and Monday will be the big reveal and glamour shot. So get excited!

Here is the lamp shade before. I debated getting a new shade that might be a bit easier to work with, like a drum shade, but in the end this one was free so I decided to give it a go!

I started with the ribs, applying the fabric glue as suggested on the bottle. Some suggest using a brush to apply the glue for better coverage but I didn't have one so I just smudged it about a bit with the tip of the bottle.

Turning the edges of the ribbon over for a finished look, I applied the ribbon to the ribs.

Then the top.

Then the bottom.

As you can tell, my ribbon really wasn't wide enough to cover the existing edges, so I had to use a double layer. Fortunately, I like the look of the doubled ribbon - so it worked for me.

I think the ribbon gives the shade a much more expensive and custom look all for about $5. It will look great in the Big Girl Room, but could also work in other rooms depending on the trim selected.

What do you think?
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