How to make a Terrarium

The truth is that I have had this terrarium for a long time, I mean years, and I have never ever had any success with it. Maybe it lasts a couple of weeks, a month tops, but inevitably it dies back and I have to start again.


But not this time! I actually read up on creating a terrarium and made some changes - and it's been living on it's own for a number of months now. Honestly, it's creating it's own moisture and everything - it's like it's own little Eco system!

Can you tell I am excited? Thought so.

Here are the key steps:

1. Provide good drainage - I added small landscaping pebbles to ensure easy and efficient drainage.

Terrarium with stones

2. Use more soil than you think - the plants have to root after all! Previously, I think I was being a bit stingy with the soil.
Terrarium with extra soil

3. Choose the right plants - stick with miniature, indoor, tropical plants. I choose plants with pink veining to coordinate with the room (like you couldn't have predicted that).

Terrarium with tropical plants

4. Water - the first watering should be a good one. Get it nice and saturated. After that, it should only require watering from time to time. I water mine once every couple of weeks.You should get condensation on the inside of the terrarium if it is working correctly.

Condensation - it's working!

5. Provide good light - choose a well lit area. Previously, I was going for form over function and not choosing the right location.

Terrarium in its new home in the Big Girl Room

This is a really fun, simple and inexpensive project that can add a bit of life to any room. I hope you give it a try!

Note: This project could be completed with any type of seal-able container, such as an apothecary jar or water jug - experiment and enjoy!

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