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Weekly Kitchen Update No. 3 - Plus I need your help!

The kitchen is coming along leaps and bounds! 
We've had our set backs, certainly, but progress is definitely being made. 

As you can see, all the boxes along the West wall have now been completed!
And the appliances are in place.

Check out that stove! 
The starting point for this whole project.

To the right of the stove will be deep storage drawers, then the dishwasher and sink. 
Between the sink and the wall will be the much coveted platter storage. 
Can you tell I am excited at this stage??

The built in fridge flanked by the pantry, which as a side note, has turned out bigger than we could of hoped for - very happy with that outcome. 

So here's where I need your help. 
Now that the cabinet bases are in place we can move forward with the counter-top selection. 
The problem is, we can't decide which way to go. 
Mr. DD wants more contrast, I want less. 

Here are a couple of options we are considering, separated by the backsplash tile. The tea pot lid represents the stove color and the background tile is the actual floor tile.

Hope that makes sense.

So, what do you think - lighter with honey toned veining or darker all over honey color. 

Until next time, 
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