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Guest Suite Plan and Inspiration

I promised myself (and my readers) that March would be the month I finally finish my guest room. The list isn't terrible long, but for some reason, I'm just not that motivated. Hopefully, writing this post will help to change all of that.

Here's a shot of the guest room, probably from this time last year. You see, the guest room is on our 3rd floor and I really never even go up there unless we have guests planned. It must be one of those, out of sight, out of mind scenarios. 

That being said, we did manage to make a couple changes. Last year, we finished painting the room, including most of the oak trim, replaced the window and made new window treatments.

And that's where the party ended. But over the course of the last year, I've come up with a couple more ideas. Naturally.

First, I'd like to work on a new furniture arrangement. Currently, when you walk in the room, you see the desk. The bed is only visible as you round the corner. It gives the impression that it's little more than a work space instead of feeling like a homey, home away from home.

Next, I'd like to finally sort out the bedding. The bedding, thus far, has been a random, piece meal, assortment. Time to make it a bit more cohesive. That doesn't mean I am going down the 'set' road; that's not my style. 

But I would like to try some things that are maybe just a bit different to the rest of the house. I'm hoping for an eclectic, homey vibe. Maybe a cottage feel. It probably has something to do with the eaves, and the paneling, they just say 'cottage' to me.

There will definitely be quilts. Lots of quilts. They just make me happy, what can I say.

I might even paint some furniture in an attempt to lighten the whole scheme of the room.

And finally, I'm also going to try and incorporate a bit of extra storage.

Then it's on to the all important artwork and accessories. 

Sounds like a tall order. Stay tuned to see how it all comes together. Don't forget to check out my Pinterest page for a sneak peek of some of my inspirational images.

Until next time,
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