Table In A Pinch

Last year at Christmas time, we moved the white dropleaf table to make room for the Christmas tree. When the tree came down, the table did not make a return. 

We liked the more open feel of the space without the table. So we left the space empty with grand plans of finding a suitable replacement. 
6 weeks later and not having a place to set a drink was really starting to grate on the old nerves, if you know what I mean. 

So, in a pinch I came up with this little arrangement. The garden stool is a fun, eclectic, pop of color that works well to place a drink when sitting in the chair on the right. 

But, the more frequently used chair on the left, was still without a perch. The bent wood ottoman wasn't flat enough to keep a drink from toppling over. So, I placed an old silver tray on top.

I do live in a home with a 15 month old destroyer, so I left it empty for a couple of weeks just to ensure she didn't take an interest in knocking it over. 

 Keeping that in mind, I put this little vignette together without using anything too precious. A simple potted orchid, a candle, and a tiny ceramic bird...leaving just enough space to set down a drink. Ah, perfect.
A make-shift table in a pinch. 

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. We spent ours in WI skiing and enjoying.

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