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House Brainstorming

If all goes according to plan, we'll be closing on our new home in less than a month. Our plan is to do a bit of work on the house while we are still renting our temporary furnished apartment here in Charlotte. Like: new carpets in the bedrooms, painting and updating the kitchen. That means, I've been spending all my free time dreaming up new color schemes for our home. 

You've heard me say before: all you need is one jumping off point to set the wheels in motion, and I think I've found mine in this beautiful fabric.

The color pallet is exactly what I was hoping for in our new home. Light and airy combinations of blues, greens, and grays with a hint of coral and taupe. 

It blends so well with our new inspiration kitchen, I shared in this post, as well. They were practically made to go together! Of course, I wouldn't use this fabric in the kitchen, but the colors work so well together that it would help carry the color pallet throughout the whole house. 

Remember this wallcovering from my BHG Inspiration post that I am totally coveting? Also blends perfectly. Clearly, this was meant to be!

It's starting to come together! 

until next time, 
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