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Christmas Home Tour 2013

Christmas is coming…
Can you believe it's less than a week away?? Are you ready? 
I may still have presents left to buy (and wrap!), but our home is ready and screaming out to be shared. 
Welcome to DD's Christmas Home Tour 2013. 

Our entry hall is still awaiting it's wall covering, so we went extra big with the decor to distract you!
Is it working?
Magnolia branches, eucalyptus, tree cuttings, box wood - it's all in there. And it smells wonderful. Believe it or not, a lot of these trimmings are left over from our Thanksgiving centerpiece

The banister is strung with more white pine garland (like the mantel) golden beads and ribbon hung stockings.
Are you sensing a theme here?
Simple. Natural. Beautiful.

The dining table is simply dressed with our pheasants, an oversized golden mercury glass ornament and brass votives. 
And, of course, more golden beads adorn the wreath hung on the mirror. I told you there was a theme...

The living room didn't receive too much attention this year, just our collection of German nutcrackers and a grouping of wintery trees. Yup, my DIY faux birch tree survived the move. 
No one is more surprised than me. 

Our gilded elk hanging in the powder room begged me to dress her up for the holidays. Lucky lady got a wreath and a golden bead necklace all to herself. 

You've seen our slender Christmas bush and mantel (here), but no tour would be complete without at least one picture of them!

The Christmas spirit even managed to make it into the breakfast room. 
Sure does get around, doesn't it?
Christmas plates and my Mom's collection of Christmas mugs pepper the hutch, while Santa keeps a watch over our holiday cards. 

This year I kept the decorations simple. 
We're still settling into our new home, and so are our decorations. 
Sure was fun playing holiday dress up, though.

Happy Holidays Y'all!

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