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The Oven Debate - Updated

After an overwhelming response from my Mother and Mother-in- Law (the only people that responded to yesterday's post! Come on people...let me know what you think!), we've decided that pursuing a double oven in a 36" range is a bit of a pipe dream. No one wants a small oven and an even smaller oven.

Moving forward, if you've got a 36" range that you would recommend, please let me know.


As I mentioned before (here), we continue to debate over which ovens make the most sense for the space in our kitchen. We HAVE managed to decide that double ovens just will not work; we'll lose too much valuable counter and cabinet space. But, that's just one decision of many.

We'd still like to have double ovens, in some form, if possible - so look what we found!

It's an AGA Legacy, which is a brand of cooker that we fell in love with while living and traveling overseas. It's dual fuel and provides five burners and three ovens: one broiler, one 2.4 cubic foot, and one 1.4 cubic foot. It has the look of the traditional cast iron cooker that we like, but it's actually steel and provides all the modern amenities that a professional range does. The problem: are the ovens small and even smaller? Evidently, a large cookie sheet will not fit, but that being said, you could do four jelly roll pans simultaneously in the tall oven.

We also discovered this one, called the Fratelli Onofri. Smitten is all I can really say!

Again, dual fuel with five burners and two ovens, but both rather small. Dimensions same as the AGA. All the reviews are very positive, but I really don't know anything about this brand. Anyone heard of it?

This one is way beyond the price point, but I had to include it because it's just so beautiful. It is called the La Cornue and is currently being sold at Williams-Sonoma; enough said.

In the end it all comes down to the number and size of the ovens. Will a 2.5 cubic foot oven be big enough for family cooking? And If I can't get two decent size ovens out of a 36" range, should I just stick with a 30" range? I'd save a lot of money and still get most of the features I am after.

Opinions wanted and needed! Let me know what you think!
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