Christmas Vignette No 3 - The Powder Room

Some people will tell you that decorating your powder room for the holidays is a bit over the top.
Clearly, I disagree.

Think about it - this is quite possibly your most captive audience. Why not give them a little something to enjoy as well?

It doesn't take a lot - some seasonal towels and bit of greenery to dress up your mirror.

I used fresh greens, red berries and attached the whole thing to the mirror with a gold ribbon.
Easy enough - and so festive!

I recently found this shelf at HomeGoods. I'd been looking for something similar in every vintage store I came across, but HomeGoods came through again! Have I mentioned how much I love that store?

The perfect new home for my pinecone berry tree (if you'd like a refresher on how this was made, click here). A beautifully scented candle and a decorative soap box round out my seasonal display.

Check this one off the list as another easy Christmas vignette.

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