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In search of the perfect farmhouse sink

I've been searching for the perfect farmhouse sink for what feels like forever! Debating between the standard one big bowl and the often hard to find two bowl option.

As you know, the space we have isn't really all that big, so we are trying to keep it in the 30" range. 

For a refresher on the layout, click here.

Here are a couple of options that I've been considering:

I love the classic lines of the Shaw's
But a two bowl sink only comes in the 42" option.

I like the modern edging on this model, but tend to prefer the more rounded edges of the Shaw's.

What about this fluted option?

Here is a 2 bowl sink, 33", but the bowls are not equal in size.

And finally a Kohler version, 33", equal double bowls.

Your opinion is wanted and needed! 

If you have one big bowl, do you ever miss two?

I'd love to hear what you think.

Until next time,

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