How to Customize Basic Curtains

Last week, I revealed some of the changes in the breakfast room, but realized I never gave you the how to on my newly customized cafe curtains.

This is such a simple and quick update that really makes a difference in your room.
Good-bye to your basic store bought curtains!

Working with your chosen fabric, cut two inches wider than your desired border and a couple inches longer than your panel. 
In my case, I wanted a 7 inch border, so I cut the fabric to 9 inches high and my panels are 56 inches, so I cut the length to 60 inches. 

At this point, I turned to my old friend fusing tape, because let's face it I still haven't learned to sew, and created a one inch seam at the top and bottom. 

Still with me?

Then flip her over and attach to your window panel, one inch from the bottom seam. 
I just think this gives it a cleaner look. 

To finish it off, I added a length of coordinating ribbon, which was also attached with fusing tape - although I am sure fabric glue would of worked just as well. 

(sorry, this picture was was taken when I was testing out the look, not when I was actually attaching the ribbon - bad, bad blogger!)

So there you have it, short and sweet and simple! 

Such a difference. 

The white cafe curtains were purchased at a big box store at minimal cost and customized with a scrap of left over pillow fabric. The biggest cost was the ribbon, which was something like $.80 a yard! 

Go on, give it a go!
You won't be sorry.

For those of you that are tuning in expecting a reveal of my gigantic pine armoire - what can I tell you, patience is a virtue! 
It's coming, I promise. 

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