DIY Birdie Mobile

No nursery is complete without a mobile - a little something to keep the little guys entertained during the hours they spend on their back in the crib.

We never had one with our first daughter, so I knew that I wanted to include a mobile in our updated nursery. 

I looked around online, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to customize one to meet our (who am I kidding, my) nursery needs.

I picked up an embroidery hoop, a couple bundles of yarn and purchased these adorable birds on Etsy.

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I started by tying both colors of ribbon to the embroidery hoop and...

wrapping my little heart out!

I love the striped effect that two colors provide. 
Not to mention the texture!

Here's a close up of one of my birdies.
 Love the birds - didn't love the white ribbon.

But that's easy enough to fix.
So I cut off the white ribbon and replaced it with more of the pink yarn.

Then I cut long lengths of yarn and braided two pink and one blue together to make the hanging supports.
Time consuming - yes! Loving the extra little detail - YES!

I choose to use three supports, but in hindsight, four may have made it easier to hang evenly. 
Ah, well, you live and learn...

Laying the hoop on a flat service, I tied the three hanging supports together and then braided the upper portion.

Then we hung the whole thing with a little hook in the ceiling.
It weighs next to nothing, so hopefully the little hook will cut the mustard!

The birds are simply hung and tied with bows.

I like that the whole thing can be altered - the height can be adjusted as can the birds. That way if we find it's too low once the baby arrives, we can just adjust. 

So, what do you think? 

I think it's the perfect accompaniment to the tree.

Hopefully little No. 2 will think so too! 

A couple more projects to go, but only a week until our scheduled induction. 

Hopefully I'll have a reveal for you next Monday.
Stay tuned to find out as I race against the clock.

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