Sneaky Smoothie

Remember way back when I shared the beginning of my quest to a healthier me? I promised to keep you updated on my journey, so today I thought I'd share the latest obsession in my health craze. 

Feast your eyes upon my super sneaky veggie smoothie. I guess, technically, I shouldn't say mine because this is actually my Dad's recipe. My Dad has been babbling on about his veggie smoothies  and all the health benefits he has noticed for well over a year (like decreased BP). But, it wasn't until our recent trip to Florida in January that I finally decided to try the smoothies for myself. 
I have to tell you, a month into it, and I am officially hooked. 

His recipe:
1/2 c milk
4 small ice cubes
Protein powder (I use about 1/4 scoop)
1 stalk kale, stem removed
2 stalks celery
1/4-1/2 cucumber
2 carrots
1/2 apple
1/2 banana
4 frozen strawberries
small handful frozen blueberries

This makes about 1 adult, 2 child servings or 2 adult servings.

Depending on Miss T's, my 4.5 year old, mood she usually has a small serving. My 1.5 year old, on the other hand, loves it. As is evident in this video. 
(Hopefully the video works, this is my first time including a video in a post. Exciting stuff.)
I love knowing that even a small serving of this smoothie is more veggies than I can usually get into her in a weeks time. No more fighting at dinner = one happy Mommy.
And for me, I've noticed a huge increase in energy levels and less snacking. 

For those of you that are thinking, I just don't have time to get all that together first thing in the's how I'm handling it: When I come back from the store, I wash and chop everything and store it individually in tupperware. That way in the morning, I can literally throw it all in the blender and let it run while I am making the kids breakfast. Simple and efficient. That's the way I like it. 

So, what do you say? Do you think a sneaky veggie smoothie might be part of your routine sometime soon?

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