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A Green and Grey Living Room {Client Work}

What's the best thing about client work: 
a. Trying out new styles? 
b. Receiving candid feedback on your style choices? 
c. Seeing your suggestion take a real shape and form? 
d. All of the above? 
Definitely d, and so much more. 

I recently had the opportunity to work with a new client in our local area. A friend of a friend (aren't those always the best?). She has been living in her home for over 7 years and decided the time was finally right to tackle her front living room. 

Jen was having trouble finding inspiration for her living room, but recently purchased a new couch, pictured above, to jumpstart the process. Otherwise, the room was a clean slate. The only parameters given were: she doesn't want to paint the walls, isn't sure about including window coverings, doesn't really want a rug or coffee table. Colors, style, patterns, furniture arrangement, etc were all up for interpretation. 
Here's what I came up with:

After taking a hint from her other spaces and some existing accessories, I decided to select furniture with modern, clean lines, incorporate a natural aesthetic, use minimal accessories and add green as the accent color.

Even though these clients weren't sure about incorporating some of the elements I've suggested on the moodboard, I went ahead and included them because I honestly feel they are essential to the room. 

Rug: I choose a neutral rug that will blend seamlessly with their floors. It will ground the space, add the much needed sound dampening, and anchor the furniture arrangement all without drawing too much attention. 
Panels: The window panels were included for much of the same reason. They are light and airy so they won't block too much light, but will go along way to soften the hard edges of their sunken, trim-less windows.
Table: Using a glass coffee table will add function to the space without taking up much visual space. It's practically invisible, minus that beautiful antique brass trim :)

Chairs: Because you walk right into the living room from the front door, I wanted to incorporate a low pair of chairs with an interesting back. Low, to keep the space feeling open and interesting from the back, because, well, that's what you see first. 

Accent tables: I'd suggest the chairs flanking a small garden stool, like this one with an interesting texture and subtle pop of color. The low stature of the table will keep your eye moving straight across the space. 

The chunky wood accent table, flanking the couch to the right, will help carry the wood theme from one side of the room (the chairs) to the other side. Due to size constraints I would suggest a simple apothecary style lamp to the left of the couch. 

Thanks, Jen, this was a really fun project to work on and I look forward to seeing it come together! 

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