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They're living room pillows!

I'm happy to share that another stage of the living room make-over is now complete. 
The new pillows are finally here!

Check them out!


Did you notice that one of the solid golden pillows is missing the banding - yeah, I didn't order enough. Oh well, more is on order and soon that pillow will be complete as well. 

And because everyone loves a little before and's the before with the old pillows. 

I'm loving how light and bright the new pillows make the whole room feel.
What do you think - was it a good change?

A couple of close-ups to enjoy all the details.

In case you are wondering, just like my new window panels, I cut and pined the fabric and sent them to the dry cleaner to be sewn.

And here's the best shot I could get of the living room and breakfast room. The pillow on the couch coordinates with the new trim on the white cafe curtains in the breakfast room. And the striped pillows in the breakfast room coordinate with the window panel fabric in the living room.  This helps to make both rooms feel like one cohesive space. 

Next up, tackling that massive armoire. 
Wish me luck!

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